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As a mum it was a challenge making healthy snacks that look like 'treats' that my fussy eater would like. It was a bit of trial and error coming up with my son being the 'tester'. I figured if I could make things he liked then there’s a good chance you will have success with creating healthy choices for your kids too.

I have been primarily working on making things that eliminated grains, wheat, gluten, processed sugar. While some recipes include nuts I only use organic nuts and always soak them.

Along with my successful 'creations', I have also included some food tips as well.

It is my hope that you will be able to make use of information and recipes in this eBook that will give you some successful, healthy options for you and your family.

grain free pancakes
Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes
energy balls 100
Energy Balls & Bars
chocolate brownie
Chocolate Brownie
crispy apple slices
Crispy Apple Slices
muesli biscuits
Muesli Biscuits
creamy vanilla chocolates
Creamy Vanilla Chocolates
jelly jubes
Jelly Jubes
chocolate mousse
Chocolate Mousse
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